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Bellange 10 pc Kabuki Brush Set Review

Are you looking for a good starter brush set for your kit? Or maybe youre just starting out in makeup and have recently discovered that there is so many better ways to apply your makeup than with your fingers or a cosmetic sponge.  Youre out on the market looking for brushes and youve discovered that there is SO many choices. Youve got synthetic, natural, animal hair brushes. Then there is the types of brushes. Its no wonder that there is so much confusion. Not to mention the prices! Holy hell some of these brushes can get expensive.

In struts Bellange in a pretty purple package. Bellange is a company that sells makeup brushes on Amazon. I purchased this 10 pc set with a discount code given to me in exchange for a review.

Right off the bat I was impressed. Most makeup brushes come wrapped in a plastic sleeve and thats about it. I loved the purple carrying pouch. In all reality I wont be storing my brushes in it but it was a nice little extra touch.

Flawless Foundation 91k Good for applying foundation

Magic Mineral Blending 90k Perfect for blending powder or liquid foundations

Beautiful Blush & Bronzer 93k Perfect for applying blush, bronzer or contouring

Fierce Foundation & Powder 92k   Perfect for buffing liquid or powder foundation

Perfect Precision 94k Pointed kabuki for precision foundation application or concealer

These are also kabuki face brushes but much smaller for precise application. However I use these for my face and my eyes. Ill let you know what I personally use each brush for in the description of each.

Perfect Contouring 81k This brush is perfect for contouring your nose and forehead. It can also be used to place highlighter on the cupids bow.

Precision Contouring 80k This is another contour brush but I use this for applying concealer under my eyes and highlighting

Precision Primer and Shadow 82k This brush is labeled for applying primer and shadow but I feel like its too fluffy to be able to effectively pick up and pack on product. However it makes a excellent fluffy blending brush and blends those shadows like no ones business.

Mini Precision Perfect 84k This brush is tapered so it makes it perfect for getting those hard to reach places like on the sides of your nose, under the eyes and in the corners with concealer or maybe placing a highlight in the tear duct area.

Precision Concealer 83k This brush is for applying concealer, however I use it for blending eye shadows or contouring my cheeks.

Over all this is a wonderful set. You get quite a few brushes for the price point and they are pretty darn good. They are soft, haven’t started shedding the the feral is firmly attached (lol) I would highly recommend these to you guys.

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